Products Available

  • Propane Delivery 
  • Propane Tank Sales / Rentals
  • Furnace Oil Delivery
  • Fiberglass/Steel Furnace Oil Tanks
  • Unleaded Gasoline
  • Clear and Coloured Diesel
  • Fuel Tank Sales and Rentals
  • Fuel Pumps and Meters
  • Motor Oil 
  • DEF Additive 
  • ​Washer Fluid

At Campbell fuels we provide excellent customer service and delivery options. From automatic fill ups to one time fills we can take care of all of your fuel needs. We deliver Propane, Furnace Oil, Regular Unleaded Gasoline, Coloured and Clear Diesel as well as our full line of Oil, Lubes and Additives

Tank Rentals


Furnace Oil

Campbell fuels is able to provide sales and rental of fuel tanks for home heating oil, gasoline, diesel and propane. Low purchase price and easy monthly rental options are available. We make the transition between fuel providers seamless and  can take care of all removal and re-installation of existing tanks 


We offer Regular Unleaded Gas, clear and coloured diesel for all of your automotive, agricultural and marine needs.

Businesses must have a provincial tax exemption number before they are able to purchase coloured fuels.

Oil, Lubes & Additives


We offer a complete selection of Hydraulic Oils, Motor Oils, Greases, Way Oils, Gear Oils, DEF additives and Washer Fluids for all of of your automotive, agricultural and commerical needs. Specialty products available for customers in aviation, mining and marine industry as well

Regular & Diesel Gas

When adjusted for inflation, the price of oil heat has not changed since the 1950s. And, the price of oil heat is actually projected to rise at a lower rate than natural gas and electric energy. Which means you're choosing the most affordable option when you choose oil heat.

Propane is versatile, and has many advantages for homes, business, industry and agriculture. Propane heats water 40 percent  faster than electricity.  No matter the residential, commercial (such as restaurants or warehouses), or agricultural propane application, Campbells can help!